Eliza Cabana

Eliza has put fingers to keys in medical aesthetics and the science of skin and beauty since 2007. She has direct access to multi-specialty aesthetic physicians and their daily skin, face, and body work, providing her with a keen understanding of perception vs. reality in this space. A fitness nerd and mother of two teenage girls, she keeps a close eye the effects of social media on body image and self-esteem. Botox, brow lift, breast augmentation? Whether you do or don’t, cultivating poise, courtesy, and confidence, she believes, creates genuine beauty. 

Articles by Eliza Cabana

How to Combine Your Favorite Products With DefenAge

How Effective Is Combining Products From Different Skincare Lines?

Creating an effective skincare regimen can be like trying to make the wrong pieces of a puzzle fit, but starting with a framework, such as the DefenAge product line, makes it possible to effectively incorporate one or more of your favorite products with ease.

January 14, 2021
The Secret to Effective ‘Anti-Aging’

The Secret to Effective ‘Anti-Aging’

Anti-aging creams offer protective and corrective benefits, but they become even more effective when combined with Defensins, DefenAge's proprietary technology, which creates younger skin cells, and is changing the way people think about anti-aging.

December 2, 2020
Skin, Age and Aesthetics: It’s Not Just Vanity

Skin, Age and Aesthetics: It’s Not Just Vanity

Science says the skin reveals clues about internal health, hence justifying our obsession with anti-aging and skincare products. Skin rejuvenation methods, including exfoliation and retinol or Defensins, from top beauty brands help to improve skin appearance.

October 31, 2020