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It’s all about the neck

It’s All About The Neck

Dermatologist recommended clean-beauty skincare anti-aging tips for sagging skin and neck. Supermodel Veronica Webb shares her daily skincare routine for a firmer tighter neck.

February 24, 2021
Top 10 dermatologist recommended skincare commandments

Top 10 Dermatologist Recommended Skincare Commandments

Want to know how 56-year-old supermodel Veronica Webb’s anti-aging clean beauty secrets? 90’s cover girl and runway star spills the tea on her top 10 ten skincare commandments.  Get the scoop on science-backed clean beauty skincare advice from the world’s best dermatologists from Paris to Park Ave.

February 16, 2021
Healthy, Simple, and Safe Skincare Routines with Defensins from Supermodel Veronica Webb.

Healthy, Simple, and Safe Skincare Routines with Defensins from Supermodel Veronica Webb

Confidence is simply a state of mind. Actress, supermodel, mom, and pro-aging expert, Veronica Webb, offers healthy, simple, and safe ways to build professional skincare routines that make a true difference.

February 11, 2021
Simple Anti-Aging Tips for Skin Health and Radiance

Simple Anti-Aging Tips for Skin Health and Radiance

A list of simple tips that anyone can apply to their life in order to achieve healthier and more youthful skin. The tips included will range from eating healthier to getting enough sleep. The list will also cover general anti-aging skin care tips that beginners can start with to get into skin health.

February 8, 2021
4 Simple Tips for Great Skin at Any Age

4 Simple Tips for Great Skin at Any Age

It’s an honor to get older, and we want to treat our skin with plenty of respect. A dark spot here, a pimple there, a few more fine lines than last year—it’s all part of the aging process. But you can certainly slow it down and address visible signs of aging skin with excellent dermatologist recommended skin care products and these tips to help lead a healthy lifestyle.

February 5, 2021
How to Combine Your Favorite Products With DefenAge

How Effective Is Combining Products From Different Skincare Lines?

Creating an effective skincare regimen can be like trying to make the wrong pieces of a puzzle fit, but starting with a framework, such as the DefenAge product line, makes it possible to effectively incorporate one or more of your favorite products with ease.

January 14, 2021
I can’t get out of bed

I can’t get out of bed

If it feels like it’s taking forever to see the benefits of your skincare regimen, try something that makes a difference literally overnight. Sleeping with a silk pillowcase can prevent wrinkles from forming and boost the performance of your nighttime skincare products. Sounds like a dream come true? One beauty pro makes the case for silk.

December 29, 2020
The Secret to Smaller Pores

The Secret to Smaller Pores

Many people associate fine lines with age, but did you know enlarged pores can make you look older, too? If large pores are one of your skin issues, there are tips you can implement to help minimize their appearance. One expert reveals the skincare products that will make all the difference and shares a simple strategy you can implement in your sleep. 

December 18, 2020
Simple Anti-Aging Tips to Boost Your Skin’s Radiance

Simple Anti-Aging Tips to Boost Your Skin’s Radiance

Nobody likes getting older. From an aching body to weathered skin, we want to retain a youthful glow for as long as we can. Thankfully there are plenty of products and habits you can pick up that help the anti-aging process. Just follow these simple tips for softer, more radiant skin.

December 17, 2020
The Secret to Effective ‘Anti-Aging’

The Secret to Effective ‘Anti-Aging’

Anti-aging creams offer protective and corrective benefits, but they become even more effective when combined with Defensins, DefenAge's proprietary technology, which creates younger skin cells, and is changing the way people think about anti-aging.

December 2, 2020