age repair patented tech

Defensin Patents, Know-How and Trademarks

Age-repair, patented-technology of Defensin-molecules

Defensin-molecules are exclusive to DefenAge. Defensin unique technology is protected by DefenAge's extensive patent portfolio. It covers the use of Defensin-molecules for skin anti-aging, addressing signs of melasma, improves hair growth, addresses grey hair, and the number of other applications which are currently not disclosed. In addition, our formulas are protected by Know-How, as our scientists identified very specific concentrations of Defensin-molecules which are extremely efficient and produce maximum results, and the way to protect integrity and stability of Defensin-molecules in the formulas keeping them active through the course of use and product shelf-life.

The following list of DefenAge’s specific patents and patent applications:

  • Defensins for skin anti-aging: US 11,491,096, EP 3157504, EP 3586821.
  • Defensins for melasma: US 11,020,452, EP 15910892.
  • Defensins for hair growth: US 11,260,013, EP 16909035.
  • Defensins for grey hair: US 17/528,029.

DefenAge brand, logo and products are also protected by registered trademarks:

  • DefenAge®
  • Age-Repair Defensins®
  • Progenitor Biologics®