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4.6 out of 5

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I am obsessed with Defenage. I have been using the clinical power trio (24/7 barrier balance cream, 8-in-1 bio serum and 2 minute reveal mask) and I have noticed a remarkable change in not only the firmness of my skin but also the texture and tone- I notice an almost immediate improvement to my fine lines and aging spots- at 44 I feel like my skin looks better than it has in years! I have very sensitive skin so it’s refreshing to have skincare that works amazing while still being gentle on my skin.Especially with the summer toll, I love the 2 minute masque- it knocks out all the impurities that come along with the season leaving my skin dewy and bright.

I just started using the DefenAge Clinical Power Trio and loved it after the first use. It feels really nice going on and actually makes my skin look refreshed and brighter, and my pores look smaller too. I really love the 2 minute mask - my skin is so smooth after using it. It feels like I've just had a facial! Would definitely recommend this product.

I absolutely LOVE using this line. Not only does it feel amazing on my skin but the noticable difference in just a few weeks of use is amazing. I have tried so many others and never have I found "the one" until this. I am outside all the time running and playing with my kids so those sun spots are real for me and this is the first time I'm seeing them diminish. THANK YOU!!


4.9 out of 5

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Irina Ovchinnikov

I've being using DefenAge for about 3 years now, and I love it more and more! When using on a regular basis, my pigmentation is getting better. And of course, I LOVE 2-Minute Reveal!!!!! After using this product, my skin starts to glow and feels so refreshed. This is so important for me as a busy mo..

Natalie Shull

I recently started using DefenAge Clinical Power Trio and loved it after the first use. It feels great and really makes a noticeable difference right away. My skin looks brighter and more refreshed. My pores look smaller too. I really love the 2 minute mask... it makes your skin sooo smooth! I feel ..

Jayme Jenkins

After using this product for 10 days my face feels amazing! I noticed my face feeling more moisturized throughout the day, and a less “tired” look. My skin feels brighter and tighter. The exfoliating mask was my favorite part, left my skin feeling soft and smooth. The serums are gentle enough..

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