How To Manage Menopausal Skin

Menopause Self-Care: How To Manage Menopausal Skin

By understanding the physical & emotional aspects of menopause and implementing self-care routines, women can navigate their journey with grace and resilience.

July 11, 2023
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DefenAge Women Proven

Skin Issues that Menopause Might Cause and How to Prevent Them

Menopause is defined as the time when women’s natural hormones – specifically estrogen – are no longer produced, creating hormone or estrogen deficiency without supplementation. This transition often begins between 45 and 55, and it’s the worst!

March 15, 2023
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Retinol Alternatives for Skin Care

Retinol Alternatives for Skin Care: What To Use if Retinol Irritates Your Skin

Not all skin types react well to retinol, especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Find out the best retinoid alternatives for your skin

February 22, 2022
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Bakuchiol Vs. Retinol: Which Is Better?

Bakuchiol Vs. Retinol: Which Is Better?

Bakuchiol and retinol both significantly reduce wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, but is bakuchiol as effective as retinol? Learn more here.

February 9, 2022
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Learn More About DefenAge: A Scientifically-Advanced Clean Beauty Brand

Learn More About DefenAge: A Scientifically-Advanced Clean Beauty Brand

For skin care savvy consumers, a brand like DefenAge may offer what you are looking for in clean beauty products. Biotechnology is at the heart of all of DefenAge’s anti aging products and their formulas are free of animal- and human-derived ingredients. Not all beauty brands can claim this. Using advanced scientific research, DefenAge formulates using proprietary Age-Repair Defensins and plant-based ingredients. Learn more here.

November 8, 2020
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What Are the Skin Care Products True Beauty Fans Can’t Live Without?

What Are the Skin Care Products True Beauty Fans Can’t Live Without?

There are some skin care products we just can’t live without. They include the basics, such as cleanser, moisturizer, serum, and an exfoliating mask. The challenge is finding a high-quality brand with results-driven products. Key ingredients are important, so pay attention to what you are putting on your face. It’s smart to see if the brand has won awards for certain products too. Learn more details here.

October 15, 2020
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Top Tips for Choosing Anti Aging Skin Care Products

Top Tips for Choosing Anti Aging Skin Care Products

If you’re thinking about starting an anti aging skin care routine, it can be overwhelming to figure out what to buy among all the brands that market to this crowd. With a few products on your shelf, you can easily establish a regimen that works to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and smooth the look of your skin, so it appears supple and healthy.

June 11, 2020
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What Are Defensins and What Makes Them So Great for Skin Care?

If you’re a fan of anti-aging skin care products, you’re perhaps familiar with stem cells and molecules that wake up dormant stem cells in our body as key ingredients to the foundation of youth. Knowing your way around quality skin care products, you may have also heard a bit about defensins and their effectiveness in anti-aging skin care products.

So, what exactly are defensins and what makes them so effective?

To understand what defensins do, it’s helpful to first know that all of us have dormant cells within our body that we barely use. When you purchase your next anti aging cream, you’ll have useful base knowledge about the rejuvenating properties of defensins. Here’s a brief overview.

March 30, 2020
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Just Say “No” to Mineral Oil | DefenAge® New Skin

Just Say “No” to Mineral Oil

Mineral oil has been used as an ingredient in skincare for more than a century, and its cosmetic use dates back to ancient Roman times. One of the most commonly used occlusive ingredients used to prevent water from evaporating from the skin and alleviate dryness, this clear, colorless liquid may sound like a skin savior but it’s actually far from it. Why? Mineral oil is a byproduct of the process that converts petroleum to gasoline.

The impact mineral oil production has on the environment is just one issue associated with this ingredient, yet research has identified a larger concern that hits closer to home. Research from the 1980s showed that mineral oil may promote the development of skin cancer. Although this study found a connection in cases of prolonged exposure to industrial grade mineral oil (while the mineral oil in cosmetics and skincare products is USP or BP grade, which means it’s highly purified and refined), this should be enough to make anyone want to steer clear.

December 25, 2019
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