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Is it worth adding defensins to my microneedling?

Yes it is! Following are the results you can expect when supplementing your microneedling procedure with Defensins.

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How Do Defensins Multiply Treatments?

Defensins extend the period of action:


Defensin-molecules stimulate the same regeneration as microneedling does since they trigger the body's natural wound healing response. Because of this, Defensins are also known as 'microneedling' in a bottle.

Which Product Should I Use To Complement Microneedling?


DefenAge's 8-in-1 BioSerum is infused with the highest concentration of defensin-molecules and is therefore widely recommended by dermatologists to combine with aesthetic procedures and microneedling. Ask your aesthetic service provider or buy online:

Should I apply the Defensin Serum Before or After Microneedling?


It's recommended to apply the 8-in-1 BioSerum following the microneedling to let the microneedling initiate a wound-healing response first.

Do Younger People See Better Results From Microneedling Compared to Those Who Are Older?


Yes! This happens because our bodies produce less of our own defensins as we age however, applying additional Defensins from our Defensin containing serum, will help complement your body's own response to maximize results.


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