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Pigment Masker

Defensin-molecules"enable skin to reflect light in a distinct way. My patients are seeing a definite improvement of hyperpigmentation; there is an exceptional overall skin brightening with a distinct luminosity."

- Amy Forman Taub, MD, Dermatologist

DefenAge With Defensins Reduces And Improves:

Dark & Age Spots - Pigmentation - Dark Eye Circles - Uneven Skin Tone
Glow & Radiance - Brightening - Luminosity

How Do Defensins "Mask" Pigment?

We see pigmentation in the skin because of cells called melanocytes. These cells are located in the basal layer of the skin, right under the epidermis. When defensins promote new skin, the improved healthy skin’s surface enables light to reflect in a very distinguished way, making the pigment significantly less visible.

Three Awards
For Skin Brightening Effect

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