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Unlock the Power of 8 Serums In 1. Shop Now!

4 Interesting Facts About Anti-Aging Skin Care Brand DefenAge

DefenAge just may be the skin care brand you didn’t know you needed. It’s easy-to-use luxe skin care that focuses on skin rejuvenation at the cellular level. Defensin molecules in DefenAge’s skin care products stimulate the production of brand-new, healthy skin cells, which allows your skin care products to penetrate and produce the best possible results on fresh skin. This proprietary ingredient, called Age-Repair Defensins, is the major differentiation. What else do you need to know about DefenAge?

You Can Combine DefenAge Products with Your Other Skin Care Products

DefenAge isn’t a brand that tells you to only use their products. If you have a favorite brand and products that work for you, DefenAge is an excellent addition. Products from DefenAge provide a skin care framework formulated to enhance the results of your other products that target your specific skin concerns, including the look of fine lines, uneven texture, dark spots, and even acne. Proprietary Age-Repair Defensins multiply the effects of other premium skin care products. DefenAge is for all skin types and works well with most other regimens. Complement your routine with a mulberry silk pillowcase from DefenAge to treat your skin to ultimate luxury.

DefenAge Offers Mens Skin Care Kits

DefenAge is for both men and women, but the brand does offer a specific kit that caters to men. Products are fragrance-free and lightweight. The luxury Men’s Skincare Kit is ideal for men who want an all-in-one regimen to use at home or take with them on the go. Mens skin care kits feature the best-selling anti-aging Clinical Power Trio, plus 1-Step Multi-Cleanse, a hemp-cotton sport towel, and a toiletry bag.

DefenAge Is Considered Clean Beauty

DefenAge’s effective formulations are based on biotechnology and plant-based ingredients, not animal- or human-derived ingredients. Their products are not released until every ingredient undergoes rigorous testing and comprehensive evaluation. The same rules apply to the manufacturing process, as well as purity and quality controls. Reliability is one of the reasons DefenAge’s products are high-performing and effective at addressing visible signs of aging. The brand stays on top of monitoring new studies, developments, and scientific and clinical research.

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