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Our mulberry silk pillowcase brings a luxurious sleep experience and beauty benefits, making it a silk pillowcase skin care regimen!


Why is sleeping on natural silk good for the skin and hair?

These are the five reasons:
1. Silk Helps Save Skin's Moisture
High-quality 100% mulberry silk is less absorbent than cotton, helping the skin retain valuable moisture while we sleep.
2. Silk Helps Protect From Wrinkles
The natural slip of silk minimizes stretching and tugging of delicate facial skin throughout the night.
3. Silk Helps Preserve Hair 
Natural mulberry silk prevents hair from being pulled, tangled, and otherwise damaged, all while reducing frizz and bed head.
4. It's A Personal Treat
Sleeping on natural silk is an exceptional luxury experience.
5. It Saves Your Work
Completion of your night skin care regimen with a silk pillowcase saves the work that you put into your skin care and does not damage the skin while you sleep.


100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase Design and Features:

  • •  Natural Mulberry Silk: Our silk pillowcase is made from upscale 100% pure natural mulberry silk on both sides; 22 momme fabric is made from highest grade 6A fibre.
  • •  No Toxic Dyes: Our silk pillowcase is undyed, unbleached and has a natural white pearl color (no toxic dyes or artificial colorants were used during manufacturing).
  • •  Zipper Closure: Our silk pillowcase has an invisible zipper for easily keeping the pillow in its place throughout the night.


Night Skincare Routine:

Have you embraced a nighttime skin care routine in your life yet? It’s never too late and it’s a great opportunity to take advantage of your beauty sleep. While your skin is working to repair itself, you can feed it with the nourishment and hydration it needs to look absolutely glowing.

Dermatologist Amy Forman Taub, MD, recommends DefenAge’s full skin care regimen as a night skin care routine, including the 1-Step Multi-Cleanse, 24/7 Barrier Balance Cream, 8-in-1 BioSerum and 3D Eye Radiance Cream. “DefenAge has been kind of synonymous of my name ever since I did a study and I was the lead author on …the results were phenomenal, they showed improvement just at about every measure of aging. Usually I pick the best of the best of each different product line… and I used multiple different brands, but at night I reserve for my favorites, which is the DefenAge line of products because they are just stupendous and are real game changers in skincare industry in terms of their science and an actual efficacy, they work amazingly.” Per her own recommendations, As Dr. Taub uses DefenAge’s regimen personally: “When I am dead-tired, and I really do not want to put on my skincare and I just want jump in bed and then I think it’s going to feel so good. I look forward to doing this every night. …It’s going to make new skin all night.”


We advise completion of your night skincare regimen with a mulberry silk pillowcase for beauty sleep to save the work that you put into your skin care and let defensin molecules work.


See the full night skincare routine by dermatologist Dr. Taub at our How-To section: “A treat for skin before going to bed.”


Learn more about what skin care products you should use and why in our anti-aging blog article “Let Your Nighttime Skin Care Routine Be Your Secret Anti-Aging Weapon”.



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100% Silk Mulberry Pillowcase for Night Skincare Routine

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