DefenAge Skincare Introduces New Biodegradable Packaging

DefenAge Skincare Introduces New Biodegradable Packing
August 11, 2023 163 view(s)
DefenAge Skincare Introduces New Biodegradable Packaging

Known industry-wide for its commitment to the highest clean beauty standards, DefenAge Skincare unveils biodegradable packaging for its Defensin-based regenerative skincare products.

Currently available for the 8-in-1 BioSerum, 24/7 Barrier Balance Cream, and 3D Eye Radiance Cream, these clinically-proven, derm-acclaimed products are now packed in a naturally biodegradable box made from 100% recycled materials, not from trees. Customers can help the planet by purchasing this packaging at no price difference from the original boxes. The use of this package from The Paper Tube Co. also supports planting new trees via the One Tree Planted non-profit project.

The world is littered with single-use plastic packaging. In comparison, the new DefenAge tubes are composed from paper that 100% biodegrades in the natural environment. Known for leading the professional channel with the highest clean ingredient standards, DefenAge prides itself in being a leader in clean, yet effective beauty - that goes beyond ingredients to company values, operations and packaging, etc.

A long-standing commitment to clean

DefenAge Skincare has been upholding the highest clean beauty standards from its very inception, keeping its products “free from animal- and human- derived ingredients.” DefenAge’s unique proprietary molecules, Defensins, are produced and tested using a drug-type manufacturing process: individual amino acids are fused into correct sequence, one amino-acid after another to create the exact bio-copy of human molecule. This advanced technology enables DefenAge to offer natural ingredients, while maintaining outstanding purity, safety and efficacy of the actives.