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Barry DiBernardo, MD
World Renowned Plastic Surgeon
Montclair, NJ

“DefenAge is a paradigm shift for skin care seen only once per decade. Both a stand alone breakthrough, yet complimentary to other skin care treatments and technologies.”

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Amy Forman Taub, MD
Key Opinion Leader, Aesthetic Dermatology
Lincolnshire, IL

“The science behind this product is remarkable. DefenAge is made of a perfect copy of human defensins, which is small enough to be absorbed into the skin.”

“I began using the product kit (consists of 3 products) on one of my upper arms and was really surprised to see a significant change within 2 weeks. The crepiness on my arm was visibly less that on the non-treated arm and the skin was tighter, smoother and brighter. Patients who have used it for 6 weeks have noticed a definite reduction in wrinkles and pores and a brightness that is striking.”

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Janice Pastorek, RN, BSN
Key Opinion Leader, Skin Rejuvenation Therapies
Manhattan, NY

“’s notable when a new product line does indeed provide noticeable results — which is why we are thrilled to now offer DefenAge™.”

“As someone who has been deeply involved in the skincare industry for many years, I have seen a fair number of fads and gimmicks come and go. Miracle elixirs promising to erase every wrinkle from your skin are rarely effective — and not much can replace the guidance and expertise of a qualified professional. Given that, it’s notable when a new product line does indeed provide noticeable results — which is why we are thrilled to now offer DefenAge™.”
“Since introducing DefenAge to our practice, our patients have been very pleased with their results. In fact, I myself have been using these products and have seen positive results in a very short time.”

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The picture was taken after using the Barrier Balance Cream and 8-in-1 BioSerum only on my left arm, for just five days. Note the reduction in crinkling and crepiness of the skin compared with my untreated arm.

This picture was taken 3 months after using Defenage for only six weeks on one arm. Note the dramatic and long-lasting improvement in skin texture and tone on the treated arm.



"Overall, my skin quality has improved 100%. The pores are almost non-existent. My skin has a soft youthful look and feel.  Dark spots have faded. Labial folds have decreased.  My jowls have tightened up.  I had ugly redness on my neck and not is gone too. I also used the product on my hands with miraculous results. I no longer have old lady roapy-looking hands. As an esthetician of 25 years, I am so thrilled to have discovered Dr. Keller's product."

Alma Rose Middleton,  Esthetician,  Santa Barbara, California

Clinical Study Participant

"After usage of Dr. Keller's skin care line there was a 100% elimination of fine lines underneath the eye area. My cheek area prior had major sun damage (irregular pigmentation) with darken age spots that had lightened throughout the process of using the product in the 6 weeks until the skin tone has now even out. The tonality and softness overall has changed 100% with the complete (skin care regime usage). I used the product on my hands, neck and it improved the texture and tightness, I have had so many compliments on how good my skin looks and I owe it all to this product."

Dana Hanse, Santa Barbara, California

Clinical Study Participant

"In six short weeks I experienced dramatic improvements in the radiance, texture, and appearance of my complexion. Defenage exceeded all of my expectations. Never before have I endorsed a product. In this case, however, it's important to share my experience of a skin care line that not only exemplifies cutting-edge advancements in the industry but more importantly, achieves results."

E. L., Hawaii

"After only 6 weeks of using DefenAge cream, serum, and mask my skin has changed dramatically. Not only is my skin smoother, but many of the fine lines are gone. I have spent thousands on high end products and organic health store product natural solutions. This is the only product that doesn't cause my eyes to be puffy in the mornings. EVeryone has commented on how great my skin looks."

P.N., Santa Monica, California

"When I was first asked if I would participate in a study using skin care products I admit there was some skepticism in my mind. Over the years I had tried different popular name brand products without getting any reasonable result. For almost 30 years I have used a particular bar soap for face wash, I am now 52. As I look back at that time I think using the soap was more of habit than something of necessity to keep my skin looking good.

 Then I enter the study using Dr. Gregory Keller’s products. I noticed immediately after using the scrub that the little red bumps on my forehead and on the top of my head had diminished. It’s worth noting here that I shave my head regularly and ware a ball cap often. The area of skin on my forehead where the cap rests is often irritated from sweat. This discomfort was gone after only a few weeks of using the product. 

 When using the cream and serum daily, I noticed the tightening of my skin and how it felt fresh and young again. I had oily areas around my nose and forehead that are now smooth and dry. After a period of time to be maybe 2 months, I noticed the wrinkles next to my eyes and on my forehead was far less than when I began using the product. I had been applying the product one to two times daily, for me morning and night before going to bed worked best. 

 The truly amazing thing is my hands! Obviously you work the product into your skin with your fingers, I would rub my hands together after each application to distribute the cream and serum. This was kind of an after thought at first until I noticed how soft my hands had become. I had been in construction most of my life and my hands have been sorely abused over the years. I never gave second thought to any product reviving my tough dry hands. 

 I highly recommend this product for men! Give it 30 days and you too will see amazing results. Thank you Dr. Keller for asking me to be part of the study."

Charles Baker, Santa Barbara, California

Clinical Study Participant

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DefenAge’s core skin care regimen