How to Hack Father's Day: Gift Ideas For Him (And You)

It can be stressful picking out a Father's Day gift for those hard-to-please Dad's, or husbands. Some might even say it's so stressful that you need retail therapy for yourself just to calm the nerves you're experiencing of buying him a thoughtful gift. What if we told you... you can have it all, retail therapy for yourself and a gift for him!

We crafted a no-brainer list of unique gifts to treat him with while also spoiling yourself. This Father's Day, skip the tie and treat your man to a gift YOU deserve.

Vuori | Short-Sleeve Bridge Button Down

Clothes, Vuori | Short-Sleeve Bridge Button Down

Update his closet for him. Gifting him clothing is a win-win situation. Buy him a date night worthy fit that gives him an excuse to dress up and feel confident in new clothes that you happen to find attractive.

The hack: It gives you an excuse to make him take you on a date night.

Craftly | DIY Whiskey Kit

Whiskey Making Kit, Craftly | DIY Whiskey Kit

Working moms are always on the go, so gifts that make their lives easier and more enjoyable are always appreciated. The Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug keeps her coffee or tea at the perfect temperature. She can set her desired temperature using the Ember app, and the mug will keep her drink at that temperature for up to 1.5 hours on a single charge. Whether your mom loves a hot cup of coffee in the morning or a soothing cup of tea in the evening, the Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug is the perfect way to show her how much you care.

The hack: You get some alone time too and eventually some whiskey!

Manscaped | Weed Whacker 2.0

Nose Hair Trimmer, Manscaped | Weed Whacker 2.0


DefenAge Men's Skin Booster

DefenAge Men, Men's Skin Booster

Skincare is the key to treating your man AND spoiling yourself. It's rare for a Dad to have a skincare routine, so take the extra step and make it easy for him. Set aside time to do your skincare routine as a couple (and provide the skincare, of course).

Don't know where to start with skincare for men? DefenAge is age-repair skincare tailored for men & women 40+. This award-winning line has been featured in Men's Health, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, New Beauty, Well + Good, Daily Mail, Refinery 29, and MORE.

The hack: This is a great way to spend quality time with your lover because it allows you both to invest time in yourselves, together.

BONUS hack: For a limited time only, save over 50% OFF any DefenAge Men's Product when you buy YOURSELF any full sized item or kit.

Tom Ford | Oud Wood Eau De Parfum

Cologne, Tom Ford | Oud Wood Eau De Parfum

Again, self-explanatory.

Hyperice | Hypervolt 2 Pro

Massage Gun, Hyperice | Hypervolt 2 Pro

Getting him a high-quality massage gun helps with muscle tension, knots, and soreness. Offer to use a massage gun on him to help him release after a long day. This will make him feel taken care of by fulfilling his gift-giving AND acts of service needs.

The hack: You also have a massage gun now and since you were so kind and got him a wonderful gift... He has to return the favor. You're welcome.

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