Beard Care Supplies and Guide

The Essential Beard Care Supplies for Any Routine

Beards have become popular among men, giving them a rugged, masculine appearance that allows them to skip the hassle of daily shaving. But some men forget that, like the hair on your head, beards also require maintenance. With beards becoming more common, guys are getting bombarded by beard care marketing — so how do you know what daily beard care products are actually essential and which are a waste of money?

If you’re unsure how to use beard products or how they work in a daily beard care routine, DefenAge breaks it all down below.

Why Maintain Your Facial Hair?

Much of the appeal of growing a beard is letting it grow out, but it’s not going to look great if you don’t take care of it. Think of how your hair looks when you get out of bed. Your beard will be the same without some TLC, and you don’t want that to be the first thing people notice about you. A disheveled beard gives the impression of sloppiness. Maintaining your facial hair will prevent you from looking scraggly and unkempt. And according to Grunge, research shows that a good, healthy beard makes a guy seem more attractive. [Scientific Effects That Happen When A Man Grows A Beard (grunge.com)]

But more importantly, maintaining facial hair is critical for the skin beneath the beard. Many men wonder how to get rid of bumps under the beard. If you never do anything to keep up with it, the skin underneath may get flaky, dry, itchy, bumpy, and sensitive. Plus, the buildup of oils can contribute to unsightly and painful acne. With simple upkeep through a proper beard care routine, you can ensure your beard looks great, and your skin stays healthy and moisturized. [A Dermatologist’s Top Tips for a Heathy Beard (aad.org)]

What Beard Products Do I Need for My Beard Care Routine?

To grow a thick, healthy beard that looks polished and distinguished and helps you feel confident, here are some beard care essentials you’ll need to have in your arsenal:

  • A beard comb
  • A boar’s hair beard brush
  • A round brush
  • Beard-trimming scissors
  • An electric beard trimmer

[A Dermatologist’s Top Tips for a Heathy Beard (aad.org)]

We’ll talk a little more about why these essential beard products are necessary and more below.

Beard Comb

If you’re just beginning to grow out your facial hair, a comb is something you won’t need for a few months. But once it reaches an inch and a half long, a beard comb will become your best friend. It’ll come in handy when it comes time to trim it, helping you cut straight, even lines with your beard scissors and protect your fingers.

Even when your beard is short, it can still get some gnarly tangles in it that a wide-tooth beard comb can help you work out. You’ll want to start at the bottom at the ends and comb upward toward the face so you can work the knots out gently.

Electric Beard Trimmer

An electric beard trimmer will be necessary to keep your beard tamed. You’ll probably find it the most crucial tool in your beard kit, as it’ll help you keep your neckline clean, shape your cheek lines, and trim the beard itself when it gets too thick.

Boar's Hair Beard Brush

Having a comb and a brush might sound redundant, but a boar’s hair brush can produce several styling effects that a comb just can’t. For one, it removes dead skin cells underneath your beard and exfoliates the skin, which will help you prevent beard dandruff and itchiness. It also helps to transfer the natural oils of your skin to the hair on your face and distribute it evenly so your beard hair doesn’t get brittle. And last but not least, a boar’s hair brush is beneficial for styling wavy or curly beards and getting the hair to lay in a specific direction.

Beard-Trimming Scissors

Did you know that each hair on your face grows at its own pace? That’s why you may find that once in a while, you end up with some long stray hairs that stand out above the rest. Beard-trimming scissors will help you even out your beard length without accidentally removing more hair than necessary. These scissors are also ideal for precisely trimming mustache hair above your lip.

Round Brush

For men with long beards, a round brush is an absolute must. Used in conjunction with a hair dryer, you can use round brushes to shape, volumize, or straighten your beard if you find it flat, unmanageable, or dented. Make sure you don’t brush gently as brushing too hard can irritate your skin and if you have beard dandruff, this can worsen it. [DIY treatment for 5 common beard problems (aad.org)]

Beard Roller

If you’re struggling to achieve beard thickness, a beard roller might be a helpful tool for your beard regimen. A beard roller, more commonly known as a derma roller, is a metal roller covered in tiny needles. It’s used to pierce the top layer of skin to encourage collagen production.

When used on men with beards, derma rollers may encourage hair growth — and the results can be compounded by using the roller in conjunction with other essential beard products. Before using, be sure to disinfect the roller and wash your face before and after each use to avoid infection.

What Are the Best Beard Grooming Products?

When choosing the top beard grooming products, there is no one correct answer for everyone. The type of beard you have will be a factor, as well as your budget and preferences. We aren’t here to match you to specific beard maintenance products for your particular facial hair, but we can share what kind of beard care essentials most people need and what you should look for in your selection!

Beard Oil

Beard oil is necessary to keep your beard and skin hydrated, deliver nutrients to your hair follicles, and tame stray hairs. It usually contains natural ingredients such as avocado oil or argan oil, which leave beard hair looking shiny and feeling soft. Beard oil is a must-have for every man’s mustache and beard grooming kit.

Beard Balm

Beard balms are usually made of some combination of ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter, and beeswax. They’re usually used by men with long beards for styling purposes, and they can sometimes be used in place of aftershave. Some beard balm brands offer several fragrance varieties, but look out for artificial fragrances that could irritate or dry your skin.

Beard and Mustache Wax

If you need a little extra strength from your essential beard products, beard wax is a great solution. It’s similar to balm, but it’s thicker and gives you more control over the shape of your beard. When you use beard or mustache wax, rest assured that your facial hair isn’t going anywhere!

Beard Wash

Many men tend to use body wash or shampoo on their beards when they should be using a cleanser specifically designed for faces and beards.

Why Beard Wash Over Soap or Shampoo?

Beard shampoo and conditioner, although slightly more expensive than the stuff for your head, tends to have better quality ingredients — and keep in mind that it’ll last longer than regular shampoo since you won’t use as much product on your face. Incorporating a conditioner or cleaner into your routine may help to soften your hair follicles and improve your overall hair health. [Beard Grooming – How to Fix a Patchy Beard | Gillette] Additionally, you may be able to find beard washes from the same makers of your beard oils and balms to keep the smell of your daily beard care consistent.

If you’d rather not spend extra on a beard wash, at least read the ingredients list on your shampoo before buying it. Some cheaper options are filled with chemicals that can cause irritation, itchiness, and dryness. Opt for the ones that are paraben-, phthalate-, and sulfate-free [Guide to Paraben-Free Products], as these are some of the most harmful chemicals for the hair and skin. The fewer and more natural ingredients, the better!

Growth Serum

Some beard growth serums are nothing but a marketing ploy. If you need extra help filling in bald patches or sparse hair growth, look for beard serums formulated with minoxidil. This topical medication can stimulate hair growth by dilating the blood vessels and delivering nutrient-rich blood to the sparse area. Regular use of serum with minoxidil, about once or twice daily, can lengthen the growth cycle of the hair and result in a thicker beard.

Other ingredients that may also be effective in a beard serum, like the 150K Hair Follicle Scalp and Beard Serum include biotin, which stimulates keratin production and may increase the rate of follicle growth, and castor oil, which increases blood flow to the hair follicles.

What Are the Best Beard Tools for My Facial Hair?

Depending on your desired beard's length, thickness, and texture, you most likely won’t need every tool we’ve mentioned above. For example, if you’re after a stubbled look, a comb and scissors certainly won’t be necessary for your beard grooming essentials kit — but an electric beard trimmer will be. On the other hand, growing a long, soft beard will require a comb, a brush, some balm or wax for detangling and styling, and some clippers to cut down stray hairs.

Why Maintain Your Facial Hair?

After reading the information above, you might be worried about how much time and effort it’ll take to maintain your beard — but don’t worry, you don’t need to use every beard and mustache grooming tool every day. We’ve outlined the things we recommend doing each day, each week, and each month, so you have a better idea of how intensive beard care will be for you.



  1. Washing/rinsing: Unless you are prone to an oily face, you don’t need to worry about washing your beard daily. Every other day will suffice, and a quick rinse is sufficient for the days in between (you’ll want to do this considering how much gets trapped around the mouth area when you eat). If you're going to wash your beard every day, make sure to follow it up with beard oil to lock in moisture afterward.
  2. Combing oil through the hair: Right after you’ve rinsed or washed your beard, apply a few drops of beard oil (for short beards) — up to eight (for longer ones) — to your palm. Rub it into your hands and gently massage the oil through your beard, using your beard comb to distribute it evenly and detangle the hairs.
  3. Shaping: If you have a long or curvy beard, use your hands to manipulate and press your beard hair into the position you want.
  4. Blow-drying and waxing: Using a hand dryer and mustache wax helps style your beard and position it away from your mouth for the convenience of mealtimes. While the hair is still wet, angle a hair dryer a safe distance from your face. Use a comb or brush to pull the mustache hair from the center out as you dry it. After about 30 seconds, switch the dryer from hot to cool to lock in the shape. Repeat with the beard. Follow up with wax or balm to keep it in place all day long.



  1. Neck and cheek line trimming: Use your electric beard trimmer to define where your beard starts at your cheek and ends at your neck — preferably after a shower when the hair is the softest. It may also be a good idea to use shaving cream or oil to ensure a smooth shave and prevent ingrown hairs. Depending on how quickly your facial hair grows, you may not need to trim the lines of your beard daily. A weekly touchup will probably be enough for your needs if your hair grows a little slower. In general, the longer the beard, the longer you can go between touchups.
  2. Conditioning: In reality, you can condition your beard as often as you’d like, but limiting it to a couple of times a week will save you time, hassle, and product. After shampooing, distribute a small amount of conditioner throughout your beard and allow it to sit for around 30 seconds. Rinse thoroughly.



  1. Evaluating shape and length: Every month or so, consider whether you’re happy with the length and style of your beard. If it’s become awkward or inconvenient to have a long beard, it may be time to crop it to your face. Or, if it’s looking disproportionate, trim some length to ensure uniformity. If you’re happy with how your beard looks and the upkeep it requires, it’s possible that all you’ll need to do at this point is trim a few stray hairs.

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