Healthy, Simple, and Safe Skincare Routines with Defensins from Supermodel Veronica Webb


Transforming anti-aging into proactive “pro-aging.” 

My friend, aging is a non-negotiable fact of life. Committing to aging beautifully - that’s a pro-active “pro-aging” beneficial choice only you can make for yourself. Using advanced skincare as a crucial part of regular cleansing and moisturizing routine boosted by a healthy sleep schedule transforms anti-aging into “pro-aging”.  It’s an important distinction - because it’s about not about fearing getting older, but about prizing health and not youth above all else.

Literally, the first thing we do every day is “face the world”. When it comes to skincare, there are simple steps to fortify your face and neck with nutrients to stimulate slowing cellular turnover associated with aging.

Cleansing twice daily with a non-stripping gel-based cleanser that lifts makeup and environmental pollution from our pores is the first line of defense against rashes, breakouts, enlarged pores, fine lines, and sagging skin.

“Smart serums” are a good investment. Smart serums contain only the most precious defensins -those active ingredients designed to promote cellular turnover and leave out water, plant, or mineral oils found in moisturizers which act to form a barrier on the skin. Generally, serums are made from smaller molecules and penetrate more deeply into the skin cells than oil or water-based moisturizers. Serums, which are often oil-free, can be a prudent choice for oily complexions or when combatting midlife hormonal acne. I can testify that serums cost more because they’re definitely worth it.

Moisturize, moisturize moisturize! No matter what your skin type, aging skin needs proactive emollients to help maintain a plump, smooth radiant complexion. Look for the gold standard ingredients of science-backed skincare:

hyaluronic acid to promote hydration, niacinamide vital for revving the skin barrier for plumper appearing skin and achieving a smoother-looking texture. Personally, I like a lightweight formula that I can layer depending on my daily needs.

Eye cream. Introduce a rich nourishing formula packed with defensins to protect the most delicate skin on the face. Do not forget to treat the area between your brow bone and eyelid as well as this skin cracks and creases with the stress of aging.

Exfoliate responsibly, please. Sloughing-off dead skin with scrubs or peels is an essential part of maintaining a smooth glowing complexion. Be mindful, there’s been an epidemic of exfoliation in recent years to the point where people are destroying the stratum corneum, the skin’s probiotic defense layer against the outside world, in order to achieve brighter-looking complexions. After years of searching for a cleanly formulated exfoliation product, I’ve committed to using a sugar-based scrub twice a week. Used more like a mask, leaving the scrub on the skin for 5 minutes letting the fruit acid gently melt away dead skin dirt, and debris, then finishing off the job scrubbing lightly with my fingers before rinsing. 

Apply a minimum of SPF 30 sunscreen daily. This is non-negotiable no matter your age!

See below for my go-to dermatologist recommended science-backed clean-beauty skincare faves:

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