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How can I reverse the aging of my skin and improve wrinkles, large pores, and roughness?

How can I reverse the aging of my skin and improve wrinkles, large pores, and roughness?

De-Age Your Skin: 16-18 year (on average)! Younger Skin in Just 6 Weeks. Reversing skin aging with DefenAge.

The Problem

Your skin’s stem cells (basal cells) that make the epidermis of your skin, age with you. These cells are the stem cells at the border between the epidermis and the dermis of the skin. As you grow older, they grow older, and are not as efficient at making new skin. As a result, your skin is not as plump and youthful as it used to be. Wrinkles form, skin sags, brown spots multiply, and the skin texture roughens. In addition, these stem basal cells can undergo mutations and make skin cancers.

Adult Stem Cells' Job

The Solution

There is a cell, the LGR6 stem cell that forms your skin in embryo. The LGR6 stem cell sits at the upper part of the hair “bulge” and goes into “hibernation” after birth. It is activated with trauma to the skin, where skin is missing, burned, or cut. At that time, your white blood cells secrete “defensins” to defend your skin’s injury. These defensins stimulate the LGR6 stem cell to “wake up” and make new, young basal stem cells, which make new keratinocytes (epidermal cells) and new, young skin to heal the wounds. DefenAge uses these defensins to make younger skin.

Wound Healing

De-Aging Your Skin

After a review of multiple studies which documented the effects of defensins in overcoming trauma and making new younger skin, a brilliant stem cell and nuclear physics scientist decided to manufacture a defensin cream and serum cosmeceutical to de-age (reverse the aging of) the intact, aging skin.

This was not the scientists first cosmeceutical. When he manufactured DefenAge, he had had previous experience with the process of manufacturing natural, fragrance-free products that had the many other ingredients beneficial to the skin. Combining defensins into a product with niacinamide and panthenol, coral-produced anti-inflammation extract (a class of ingredients which made La Mer famous), skin hydration ingredients like hyaluronic acid and natural squalane, and other ingredients, as well as choosing effective bottling was the first step. The next step was to prove that DefenAge had favorable results on improving pore size, wrinkles, sebum, and elasticity. The final step was to objectively show that DefenAge measurably reversed skin aging (De-aged the Skin). Not only a better, but also a “younger” de-aged skin was the goal.

The Proof

Normally skin products are subjectively tested with a rating system by observers and the patients that use the products. There are various rating systems that are used. DefenAge wanted not only to improve the skin on subjective observation, but also to objectively assess the improvement. QuantifiCare®, an independent French research assessment system, was the solution. QuantifiCare objectively measures wrinkles, pore size, oiliness, and skin roughness with 3-D computerized measurement photos. In addition, Cortex DermaScan’s high-resolution skin evaluation, skin relaxation times, and TEWL measurements were also performed that showed improvement in all of these criteria.


QuantifiCare maintained a database of people in different age groups to quantify skin qualities with aging. DefenAge de-aged the skin by an average of 16-18 years according to QuantifiCare’s database in just 6 weeks of use.

Consumer Results

The Confirmation

While the QuantifiCare studies demonstrated anti-aging, a multi-center, randomized, prospective IRB reviewed study was performed in three plastic and dermatology locations. Using microscopic sections, QuantifiCare and Cortex testing, and patient and examiner assessment with standardized criteria, the peer-reviewed study demonstrated the efficacy of DefenAge and was published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology.

Reduction of Visible Wrinkles


Visible reversing your skin aging is possible in just 6 weeks of topical treatment with DefenAge. The following shows some of the results that are obtainable with just topical treatment. De-Age your skin!

DefenAge products

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Topical Application

Dr. Norman Pastorek

Application after Microneedling

Dr. Diane Duncan

Gregory Keller, MD, FACS is a double boarded facial plastic surgeon and Clinical Professor and co-director of the facial plastic surgery fellowship at UCLA. He maintains private practices in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. Dr. Keller has been involved with skin treatments for many years and has a textbook on Aesthetic Laser Surgery. Visit gregorykeller.com to learn more.

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