Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes: Treating and Nourishing the Upper Eyelids for Women Over 40

Having hooded eyes is a natural part of the aging process for women between the ages of 40 to 65, and there are various treatment options available to help you enhance and refresh your appearance. Whether you lean towards makeup magic and skincare routines, or non-invasive or surgical treatments, the choice ultimately depends on your personal preference. Embrace your natural beauty and consider these treatments as tools to enhance your confidence.

How to Do Makeup For Hooded Eyes

Makeup techniques go a long way to enhance hooded eyes. Following a non-hooded routine can cause mascara or eyeliner to end up below the brows and eye-shadow to disappear.

Here’s where good technique can make a significant change. Try these simple tips:

Eyes wide open. This is one difference between hooded versus non-hooded eyes. With visible lids, one can apply makeup with their eyes closed as the lid will not disappear once opened. With hooded eyes, it’s best to keep the eyes open, so you can see how the makeup will look once the lid disappears.

Prime hooded eyes. Makeup is more likely to smudge onto the upper lid with hooded eyes. To help prevent this, use an eye primer and waterproof and smudge-resistant makeup.

Create the illusion of a crease. Use a pencil eyeliner to trace a line from the eye’s outer edge toward the inside corner. The line should be heavier on the outside and gradually thinner on the inside.

Eyeliner for hooded eyes. Go with thin eyeliner lines and don't draw past your pupil. Makeup experts also suggest using a winged liner, creating a stunning cat-eye look for hooded eyes.

Eye-shadow for hooded eyes. Dark eye-shadow accentuates the heavy appearance of hooded eyes, while lighter shades blended upwards and outwards can help to lift the appearance of the eyes. That doesn’t mean you can’t create a smokey eye with hooded eyes—just apply the darker shade on the outer corner of your lid and blend it into a lighter eye-shadow to create a balance when eyes are open.

The best lashes for hooded eyes. Light, wispy false eyelashes help lift the eyes, while thick false eyelashes might make eyes look droopier and heavier. If you use only mascara, opt for a waterproof brand to avoid smudging.

Don’t fear the shimmer. Apply just a little shimmer to the visible part of the lid to help brighten and round out hooded eyes.

Remember the brow bone. Brighten the eye’s inner corner and area beneath the brow arch with a highlighter to accentuate the brow bone and create a lifting effect to open the eyes. [Makeup Tutorial For Hooded Eyes - L’Oréal Paris (lorealparisusa.com)]

Skincare for Hooded Eyes

Using high-quality skincare products plays a crucial role in nurturing and maintaining the delicate eye area. DefenAge Skincare offers a range of innovative products specifically designed to target signs of aging and promote skin rejuvenation. Here are some key products from their line that can help address hooded eyes:

DefenAge's 3D Eye Radiance Cream: This advanced eye cream is formulated with DefenAge's exclusive Age-Repair Defensins® technology. It helps improve the appearance of hooded eyes by reducing puffiness, diminishing dark circles, and tightening the skin around the eye area. A user also found that applying the cream to their upper eyelids can lessen the crepey skin in the area.

Nonsurgical Hooded Eye Treatments

If you feel your hooded eyes make you look tired and older, you might want a longer-term solution.

Botox for hooded eyes. Injecting Botox into the outer edge of the eyebrows can temporarily lift the eye, but it’s important to go to an injector with experience, because poorly placed injections can do more harm than good.

Dermal fillers, laser therapy, radiofrequency treatment, and thread lifts. Experts say these are usually best for mild to moderate (not severe) hooding. [Hooded eyes: Definition, causes, treatment (medicalnewstoday.com)]

Other natural options. Skincare regimens that target the area work by tightening the skin and providing a more energized and uplifted appearance. Other hooded eye treatments include a range of possibilities, from muscle stimulation and eye exercises to applying products with caffeine or aloe vera gel, to ice water therapy and using eye tape. Lifestyle, including dietary changes, can help too, according to some experts. [How To Get Rid of Hooded Eyes Naturally | Skincare Lab]

Surgery for Hooded Eyes

Eyelid surgery, known as the eyelid lift or blepharoplasty, is a potentially permanent way to fix hooded eyes, especially if the drooping is heavy or severe. Skilled surgeons can trim excess skin, remove unwanted fat and weak or sagging muscle during the procedure. [Treating Hooded Eyelids | The Plastic Surgery Clinic Blog] Remember, embracing your unique features is key, and with the right treatments and skincare, you can feel confident and beautiful at any age.

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