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First Results Within a Week

How fast can I see the initial results when using DefenAge?

Initial results can be seen in as little as:

1 week

Full range of results – 6 weeks.

Why are a few days enough to see the first results with DefenAge?

It is enough because DefenAge's unique ingredient, the Defensin-molecules, messages the skin’s "fresh" master cells that our body uses to heal wounds. Our skin heals scratches within a few days, meaning that it is enough for the body to produce a visible effect that fast.

Scientifically, this means that Defensins simulate the same response as wound healing, and such a fast effect makes sense because skin is re-epithelialized in about 4 days.


Exfoliate skin to see results faster.

Remove old cells from the skin's surface to make new skin visible. Use an exfoliating mask. It also helps keep pores clean.

DefenAge's exfoliation solution is the 2-Minute Reveal Masque, part of all our kits. It only takes 2 minutes, once or twice a week.

Easy To Try On Your Own:

24 hour fast starter

24-Hour Fast Starter Kit

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See how much DefenAge’s signature skincare treatment can change your skin after just a few uses!

  • A 2-3 day trial size of DefenAge's core treatment, Clinical Power Trio
  • Contains two signature Defensin-based products along with a gentle exfoliating mask.


"Game Changer

The 24-Hour Fast Starter kit made my skin so smooth and clear! I was amazed when my make-up glided on so evenly. My older skin can look dull at times, but I actually had a glow after using these products."

Mary A.

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"Works Great

After a few nights of using this product, I notice that my dark spots were lighter, my face felt so much smoother and a noticeable difference in my skin."

Rosemary S.

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"Even from the short time

I use this with my at home micro-needling and it really helps to make my skin glow and start to firm up."

Adrienne K.

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