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How soon can I see results with defensins?

Making an investment in skincare with defensins that is proven to change the quality of skin is the first step.

Then the question becomes: How long does it take for defensins to work?

When might you see less skin wrinkling, brighter (less dull) skin, less discoloration?

Great news! Many begin to notice changes in only days after applying defensins skincare. But results vary from person to person and product to product.

See a difference in as early as the first week

Defensin molecules, found in DefenAge skincare products, rejuvenate skin on the face and body by penetrating the skin’s outer layer and sending a message to normally dormant skin healing master cells that they should wake up and get to work.

The master cells wake up naturally to heal wounds; then, go to sleep (or remain dormant) after their wound healing work is done. Each time you apply defensins creams or the serum to your skin, the defensins target those cells under the skin in order to activate the rejuvenating process.

Studies show that defensins results happen in as little as four days of using these skincare products, you might see skin anti-aging taking hold.

This is as your defensin-containing skincare regimen activates the body's own dormant stem cells to generate healthy new epidermal cells.

How can it work so quickly?

It’s one thing to use a hero ingredient that has been shown to change the skin’s quality; it’s another to formulate a product that delivers the needed ingredient to where it needs to go in a timely, safe way.

DefenAge has figured out how to quickly and effectively deliver skin-rejuvenating defensins to the master cells using its line of creams and a serum.

The winning strategy for fast results includes using defensins molecules that are small enough to penetrate the skin’s hair follicles. And using ingredients that work harmoniously to keep the active ingredients stable and powerful to do their work on the cells.

Defensins molecules (why are they special)?

Defensins activate stem cells, but defensins themselves are not stem cells. Rather, they are a type of peptide in the body’s immune system. Defensins help to regenerate tissue, like skin.

Defensin molecules do their work by harnessing the skin healing power of LGR6-positive (LGR6+) stem cells. The caveat is that defensins molecules naturally only activate these stem cells when we have wounds or injuries in order to heal the skin. The healing stem cells tend to go into a dormant state once the wound healing is done.

Works with the body

The scientists at DefenAge have found a way to create defensins in the lab that mimic those in the body to awaken LGR6+ stem cells. In essence, the defensins in DefenAge skincare products encourage what naturally happens in the body during the wound healing process to happen every time you apply the topicals.

Scientists at DefenAge not only created identical copies of human defensins to put in their skincare creams and serum, but they also discovered how to formulate defensins in topical skincare products so the ingredient would quickly penetrate and rejuvenate aging skin.

Up to 6 weeks for full effect

The longer you use defensins skincare, the better it works to rejuvenate skin aging.

But how long does it take for defensins to reach their full effect? Researchers have found that for the defensins to take their full effect on the skin, it usually takes 6 weeks. In other words, 6 weeks of applying these products morning and night will lead to what one dermatologist noted were “profound” improvements in wrinkles, age spots, pore size and skin quality.

How did researchers find out how long it would take to reach this level of defensins results? They conducted 12-week studies and monitored patients’ skin visually and under the microscope at different time points, including at 6 weeks.

In a published scientific paper, dermatologist researchers conducted a 12-week study on DefenAge’s Clinical Power Trio, which includes the skincare line’s 2-Minute Reveal Masque, 24/7 Barrier Balance Cream, and 8-in-1 BioSerum.

Two-thirds of the study participants applied the three-step regimen morning and night for 12 weeks and one-third applied a placebo, or sham, skincare regimen.

Researchers found that compared to the sham group those who applied DefenAge to their skin daily had decreased visible fine and coarse wrinkles, decreased pore size and less visible pigmentation. DefenAge users also experienced improvement in skin oiliness, evenness, hydration and a number of other important skin qualities.

Globally, their skin looked and behaved more like youthful skin. And it didn’t take months or years to achieve these results. In fact, researchers and study subjects reported the full anti-aging effects from applying the defensins’ topicals by 6 weeks of daily use. Those benefits continued and even improved through the 12-week study, published the prestigious Journal of Drugs in Dermatology. Multi-Center, Double-Blind, Vehicle-Controlled Clinical Trial of an Alpha and Beta Defensin-Containing Anti-Aging Skin Care Regimen With Clinical, Histopathologic, Immunohistochemical, Photographic, and Ultrasound Evaluation - PubMed (nih.gov)

One dermatologist who has studied DefenAge skincare said these topicals result in “profound improvements in the visible health and beauty of the skin” that easy to see, even for the untrained eye.

How does this compare to other anti-aging products?

A small percentage of skincare ingredients have studies backing their anti-aging effectiveness. Those same studies also show that many skincare ingredients cause side effects, like irritation.

Among today’s studied and recognizable ingredients are peptides, growth factors and retinol (or the prescription version, retinoid).

Growth factors: Topical growth factors can activate the skin’s fibroblasts, endothelial cells and other elements of cells. The challenges, however, are that growth factors tend to be unstable when combined with oils and other ingredients in skincare products, which means they don’t work on the skin. And growth factors tend to be too big to penetrate the skin, so they sit on the skin’s surface unable to do their job underneath.

The specific defensins found in DefenAge products, on the other hand, are much smaller molecules and can easily penetrate the skin by way of hair follicles.

Another potentially serious problem with growth factors is as they stimulate aging cells, they might also stimulate cancer cells.

Defensins have been shown in studies to have no effect on cancer cells or cancer risk.

Peptides: While defensins are a type of peptide, they are not the same peptides that are marketed in many of today’s skincare products.

DefenAge is the only line of skincare products to contain its proprietary blend of the patented-technology of “Age-Repair Defensins.”

Like growth factors, peptide molecules tend to be too large to effectively penetrate the skin when applied in skin creams or serums.

Peptides also are difficult to stabilize and are likely to be inactive in topical products.

Retinol: Ingredients that many people recognize and have used in anti-aging skincare regimens are over-the-counter retinols or prescription retinoic acid. Studies have shown that daily application of retinol creams improve skin on many levels, including diminishing wrinkles and age spots, and thickening the skin’s top layer.

But many consumers who start using a daily topical retinoic or retinol product have to stop because of common side effects, including skin inflammation, irritation, dryness and sun sensitivity.

Defensin-containing DefenAge skincare has been shown in research to be comparable in its anti-aging effectiveness to retinol-containing skincare but without the associated inflammation, dryness or irritation. Being effective yet gentle on the skin is key for any daily skincare regimen.

Dermatologists say that DefenAge defensins skincare delivers antiaging results without the irritation of retinol or acids. It is the ideal skincare regimen for sensitive skin. And even older skin has young dormant cells that can be turned on by defensins.

Faster Than Retinol

Over-the-counter retinol products can take up to 6 months to achieve their full effect.

Topical prescription retinoic acid generally takes 2 to 3 months of diligent use to see a noticeable difference in skin aging concerns and quality. [Dermatologists Answer All Your Retinol Questions (byrdie.com)] But there also are studies that suggest prescription retinoids can result in subtle changes in as early as two weeks of use. [How long do retinoids take to work? | Lab Muffin Beauty Science]

Defensins-containing creams and DefenAge’s serum begin to show signs of working in days, with optimal results in as little as 6 weeks.

For those who are not sensitive to retinol creams and serums, these can be combined with defensin skincare, which has an entirely different mechanism of action.

DefenAge can be combined with almost any other skincare products and ingredients, including retinols, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid.

Gentler Than Vitamin-C

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can be used in skincare to improve signs of skin aging. It has been shown to improve things like skin brightness and diminish unwanted spots or discoloration.

But like retinol-containing creams and serums, vitamin C-based skincare can be irritating, especially for people with sensitive skin. Another potential hurdle to relying on vitamin C skincare is that the antioxidant becomes less active or inactive when exposed to light or air. So, it’s important to package vitamin C skincare in an opaque, air-tight bottle. [Umm, Can I Use My Retinol and Vitamin C Together?! (yahoo.com) ]

DefenAge results in profound improvements in the visible health and beauty of the skin that are readily apparent to even the untrained eye.” “The results showed that the defensin-containing trio of products offer most of the advantages of time-honored retinols as well as newer but widely used growth-factor containing cosmeceuticals, without irritation or inflammation, sun-sensitivity, or concerns about neoplasia of the treated skin,” adds the study’s co-investigator, Vivian Bucay, MD. “The observed clinical results put DefenAge Skincare into the best-in-class category without doubt, this is a landmark product.”

Can I speed up the results of defensins?


One way to speed up defensins results is to rid the skin’s surface of old cells that clog the skin and make it look dull. You can do that quickly with an exfoliating mask.

DefenAge's exfoliation solution is the 2-Minute Reveal Masque. Applying the mask takes only 2 minutes, and done once or twice weekly, prepares the skin for defensins’ rejuvenating effects.

Use as Directed

Remember: more product doesn't mean faster results.

Using scientifically studied creams and serums as directed is important. Why? Because scientists have studied the optimal amount for great results. The formulas are developed based on the concentration of defensins that not only deliver results but deliver those results safely.

DefenAge calls it the “One-Pump Rule.” One pump of defensins creams or serum per area is all you need. Not more, not less.

Use Morning and Night

Consistency is the key for best results from defensins skincare.

That means consistently using the products each morning and at night before bedtime.

The most effective way to add defensins to an existing skincare routine

Products to Avoid

Avoid skincare products with these potentially harmful ingredients and compounds: abrasives, aluminum salts, animal-derived ingredients, BPA, BHT/BHA, chemical sunscreens (oxybenzone, avobenzone, and octinoxate), coal tar, colorants, formaldehyde-releasing agents, formaldehydes, gluten ingredients (no wheat, oats, barley), growth factors, human-derived ingredients, hydroquinone, irritating acids, mineral oil, parabens, paraffin, petrolatum, phthalates, polyethylene and polypropylene (microbeads), propylene glycol, retinyl palmitate, sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, strong emulsifiers, sulfates (SLS and SLES), talc, triclocarban, triclosan, triethanolamine.

You won’t find any of these in DefenAge products.

Order of application

When applying DefenAge, think of saving the best (or most defensins-potent product) for last.

The 8-in-1 BioSerum should go on after you’ve applied the moisturizing 24/7 Barrier Balance Cream and/or 3D Eye Radiance Cream.

If you use sunscreen and makeup, you can apply those over your skincare regimen in the morning.

If you use other types of skincare products along with DefenAge, the rule is: layer all other products in your skincare routine before layering DefenAge's 8-in-1 BioSerum and 24/7 Barrier Balance Cream and/or 3D Eye Radiance Cream.

But it’s best to leave your skin free of sunscreen or makeup at night, so the defensins can do their work as you sleep.

Try it Out

There’s a way to see for yourself how long defensins take to work, with minimal investment.

DefenAge offers a 24-HOUR FAST STARTER KIT, for anyone who wants to see how fast they can see results from using DefenAge.

For $28.50, this trial size kit includes a 2- to 3-day supply of the CLINICAL POWER TRIO, DefenAge's signature skincare regimen.

See a brighter, more lovely skin after a few applications.

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