What Are Defensins and What Makes Them So Great for Skin Care?

Are Defensins the New Anti-Aging Secret Weapon?

If you’re a fan of anti-aging skin care products, you’re perhaps familiar with stem cells and molecules that wake up dormant stem cells in our body as key ingredients to the foundation of youth. Knowing your way around quality skin care products, you may have also heard a bit about defensins and their effectiveness in anti-aging skin care products.

So, what exactly are defensins and what makes them so effective?

To understand what defensins do, it’s helpful to first know that all of us have dormant cells within our body that we barely use. When you purchase your next anti aging cream, you’ll have useful base knowledge about the rejuvenating properties of defensins. Here’s a brief overview.

Super Stem Cells

In many skin care products, stem cells are often plant-based and come from fruit (apples, grapes, etc.) and other botanicals, for example. You’ll find tons of anti-aging products with these types of stem cells that say they lessen the appearance of wrinkles and improve the overall look of skin’s tone.

Meanwhile, adult stem cells are plentiful in the body and researchers have found more than 10 types of hair follicle stem cells that not only promote hair growth but that can also repair and maintain other skin-related components. LGR6+ stem cells are an especially intriguing type of hair-follicle stem cell because they act as master stem cells and can do many things, such as generate new hair follicles, basal skin cells, and promote wound healing. However, they are dormant most of the time and need to be activated to repair and regenerate the skin. This is where defensins come into the picture of skin care.

Dynamic Defensins

Defensins are robust regenerative molecules, but they only work with specific types of cells, including LGR6+ stem cells. The age-repairing aspect of these natural molecules was discovered by scientists at Progenitor Biologics, the parent company of DefenAge Skincare, while researching stem cell therapies for wound healing and Type 1 diabetes.

Scientists with DefenAge discovered that two members of the defensin family have skin rejuvenation benefits in cosmeceutical skin care. In other words, defensins wake up dormant LGR6+ stem cells and prompt them to make new skin cells. While your skin cells do automatically renew on their own, DefenAge uses defensins to help produce brand-new skin cells, so that your skin appears brighter and more youthful. This is the reason why in closed wounds we always get young skin in comparison to all of the skin around it - because our body uses the same “preserved” LGR6+ stem cells to produce new skin and close wounds. Now you can get new skin without wounds - just apply defensins.

If you’re a skin care product-lover, a new approach to skin aging is definitely worth exploring. Who doesn’t want to look a bit younger or fresher faced, especially with each passing year?

About DefenAge

DefenAge is a dermatologist recommended skin care range that uses powerful Age-Repair Defensins to target specific dormant cells, prompting them to produce fresh, new skin cells. DefenAge is currently patenting the use of defensins for anti-aging purposes. DefenAge has won several beauty awards, including a 2019 Beauty Independent Innovation Award for “Eye Product of the Year” and two NewBeauty Beauty Choice Awards. The brand is also an Aesthetics Industry Award Winner for Nonsurgical Innovation for their core regimen called Clinical Power Trio. Their proprietary use of Age-Repair Defensins is considered a breakthrough in skin care technology.

Learn more about DefenAge and browse dermatologist recommended skin care products at www.defenage.com

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