DefenAge® Skincare Announces Defensin Master Anti-Aging Patent for Signature Cell Stimulating Technology DefenAge Celebrates With HUGE Black Friday Discounts

Carlsbad, CA – November 25, 2022  – DefenAge® Skincare, manufacturer and distributor of revolutionary, evidence-based, anti-aging products, announces the new Defensin Master Anti-Aging Patent issued by the US Patent Office (Patent #11,491,096).

Seven years in the making, the new patent recognizes DefenAge’s ground-breaking cell stimulating compositions and methods to create fresh, new skin. This distinguished patent concludes the international family of DefenAge’s patents for the use of Defensin-molecules to reverse signs of skin aging on a global scale - including a decrease in visible fine and coarse wrinkles, pore size, and pigmentation.

The patent supports that Defensin technology is extremely effective in fighting almost any signs of skin aging and is an outstanding solution as an aging prevention treatment in both men and women. At the heart of the patented technology is the unique ability of Defensin-molecules to trigger the most powerful regenerative response in the body through activating dormant, “preserved” young skin master cells to generate new, young skin.

Renowned dermatologist, Natalie M. Curcio, MD, MPH, MMHC (Nashville, TN) details, “Defensins are unique natural molecules that trigger a regenerative response in the skin, similar to the one our body generates during wound healing. Every time a scratch or wound on the skin heals, the skin in the healed (closed) wound area is always younger than the skin around it. This is because our body activates “preserved” young cells to heal wounds. In other words, the body creates new, young skin to repair wounds. Defensins activate the same mechanism in our body, meaning that every time defensins are applied to the skin, they activate the body to produce new and young skin without a wound.”

Defensins activate dormant preserves of “fresh” cells in the body, LGR6-positive skin master cells. After activating, LGR6-positive cells physically migrate into the basal layer of the skin and create a new epidermis, and eventually, new, younger-acting skin, delivering all the advantages of retinols without irritation, inflammation, or sun-sensitivity.

Celebrity dermatologist, Dr. Suneel Chilukuri (Houston, TX) weighs in on the clinical proof, stating, “DefenAge is one of the most rigorously tested and proven modern cosmeceutical products you can find. DefenAge’s products and their Defensins were tested in 19 clinical studies, including the ones published in the top peer-review magazines, the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology and Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology. The studies show that any part of the skin is able to respond to Defensins, with improvement in a variety of skin qualities addressing almost all aspects of visible skin aging, including the face, skin around the eyes, and body. Even the scalp and skin under the hair improves and normalizes hair growth metrics.”

The quality and wide range of results are also appreciated by consumers. A 2022 consumer survey with more than 850 responses from verified buyers indicated that 94 percent of respondents said that they were satisfied with results they see with DefenAge, 97 percent said that they will purchase DefenAge again, and 91 percent detailed that DefenAge plays key role in their skincare routine.

Power of Defensins for Everyone

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A portion of the proceeds from DefenAge’s Black Friday sale will go towards a donation to the Monarch School of San Diego to enrich the lives of helping unhoused and at-risk students from kindergarten through 12th grade to receive the stability and security they need to learn and thrive.

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