A Road Map to Younger Skin

When it comes to advice for achieving skin that looks, acts and actually is younger, there’s no one better to turn to than a scientist with a Ph.D. in biology who specializes in stem cells, the cells that have the ability to develop into virtually every type of cell found in the human body. Here, Nikolay Turovets, CEO of DefenAge explains the changes the occur within the skin over time - and how to restore its optimal health and youthfulness skin rejuvenation.

What Happens as the Skin Ages?

We all know that our skin is made up of different kinds of cells, but you may not know every cell is “born” from a basal skin cell. Basal skin cells continually produce new cells, but their DNA often becomes damaged due to time and exposure to the elements (namely UV rays), resulting in mutations, or “errors,” that are reproduced in the new skin cells that are generated. These mutations can then lead to visible signs of aging caused by reduced collagen production and an increase in unwanted pigment, as well as skin cancer.

A New Approach to Anti-Aging Skincare

A vast majority of anti-aging treatments work to improve the appearance of the skin by attempting to repair damaged cells - but as a stem cell scientist, Turovets set out to find a different way to restore youthful skin function. Rather than trying to undo DNA damage, he wanted to stimulate the production of new basal skin cells with healthy DNA that would continue to generate fresh, new cells without mutations. His research led to him to “target-specific” molecule called Defensins, which have been proven to activate the LRG6+ stem cells that act as “master” stem cells within the skin. This particular type of stem cell is capable of producing new hair follicles, oil glands and basal stem cells while promoting wound healing. However LGR6+ stem cells usually remain dormant in adult skin, and they need to be “activated” in order to repair and regenerate cells. Simply put, Defensins “wake up” LRG6+ stem cells, prompting them to make fresh basal stem cells, which are ultimately responsible for creating new, undamaged skin cells, and ultimately, fresh, young skin.

The Anti-Aging Benefits of Defensins

DefenAge is the first-of-its-kind skincare range formulated to harness the age-reversing power of Defensins and the Clinical Power Trio has been proven to provide global improvement in the appearance of aging skin without the irritation, inflammation, sun sensitivity or side effects of other anti-aging ingredients like retinol.

In fact, the proven results of DefenAge include significant improvement in primary age-related concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration and skin laxity, as well as issues like enlarged pores and excess oil that often occur at a younger age. This means DefenAge represents an effective skincare solution for optimizing the health and appearance of the skin while providing a proactive anti-aging skincare approach from as early as the 20s on.

Key studies have identified the specific actions that DefenAge takes on several common skin concerns. In addition to promoting the skin’s production of supportive youth-imparting proteins such as collagen and elastin, normalizing oil production and reducing inflammation, Defensins have been found to increase skin density to help mask pigment in the lower layers of the skin. Even more, Defensins have been shown to enhance the skin-tightening results achieved with professional, office-based modalities like microneedling by extending the treatments’ mode of action when used post-procedure.

The Versatility of Defensins

There’s no disputing the clinically-proven results of Defensins and the DefenAge Clinical Power Trio, dermatologist recommended skin care, and yet another advantage of this streamlined regimen is its adaptability when it comes to incorporating these products into an existing skincare regimen. Defensins can be safely used with other skincare products and regimens without the risk of interaction or irritation - and essentially take any skincare routine’s results to the next level. After starting the DefenAge Clinical Power Trio, many users see visible results in as little as one week - and full results after six weeks.

And the numbers don’t lie… 90% of new DefenAge users say they are satisfied with the results, and 92% say they will purchase DefenAge again.

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