Blackheads (comedone). More evident in acne-prone skin. Blackheads can affect all skin types, they are often common for oily and combination skin especially. A blackhead (comedone) is a pore with oil trapped with dead skin cells. When the air oxidizes the oil it darkens to create the 'black' color. Keeping the skin and pores free of debris with the help of salicylic acid or other exfoliation methods can be helpful for this concern. A broad term for a pore, or hair follicle, that's blocked by sticky dead skin cells and the sebum that can't drain properly. When the follicle remains open, the sebum's pigment darkens from air exposure, forming a blackhead. When P. Acnes bacteria invade the clogged pore, the resulting inflammation creates a whitehead. Clogged pores. They may be open (blackheads) or closed (whiteheads). For more, see “Acne.”

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