Formulated to reduce the chance of allergic reactions by avoiding ingredients that are most likely to cause these problems. Does not mean that allergic reactions are not possible, only less likely. Hypoallergenic, meaning "below average" or "slightly" allergenic, is a term meaning that something (usually cosmetics, pets, textiles, food, etc.) causes fewer allergic reactions. The term was first used in 1953 in an advertising campaign for cosmetics[1][better source needed] or perhaps as early as 1940.

The term is also commonly applied to pet breeds which are claimed to produce fewer allergens than other breeds of the same species, due to some combination of their coat type, absence of fur, or absence of a gene that produces a certain protein. All breeds still produce allergens and a 2011 study failed to find a difference in allergen concentrations in homes with dogs of "hypoallergenic breeds" and other breeds

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