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Fragrance Free DefenAge

What Are the Benefits of Fragrance-Free Products?

The main benefit of fragrance-free products is not adding potentially harmful fragrance chemicals to your skincare, cosmetics, and hair care products. Adding fragrance to these products can have potentially harmful effects, especially if your skin is sensitive or you have allergies.

February 6, 2023
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Eye Love You Bundle

DefenAge Featured in Daily Mail article: "Feel good February! These are the top 10 best fashion, beauty and jewelry deals to snap up this month"

If you feel like you could do with a treat to keep going through another winter month then we have some good news - buying yourself a little pick-me-up just got more affordable. 

February 1, 2023
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DefenAge Skincare Set

DefenAge Featured in She Finds Article: "These 9 Fall Must-Haves Also Double As Great Holiday Gift Ideas"

Cooler, dryer weather can take a toll on your skin, but DefenAge’s lineup of skincare essentials gives your skin just what it needs. Scientific research has shown that the Defensin molecules found in DefenAge’s patented technology can reprogram the cells in the body to promote newer and healthier skin.

October 13, 2022
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10 Luxe Hand & Body Cream | Anti-Aging Firming Lotion

DefenAge Featured in Rifenery29 Article: "The Body-Care Market Is Booming, But Do We Really Need Butt Masks?"

Beyond protecting the skin with sunscreen and fortifying the barrier with peptides and ceramides, like those found in DefenAge’s 10 Luxe Hand and Body Cream, Cetaphil's Intensive Healing Lotion with Ceramides and Boscia’s uber-popular Peptide Youth-Restore Firming Body Serum, some experts suggest treating only the skin that needs special, targeted care — and largely forgetting the rest.

September 22, 2022
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DefenAge Body Cream Containing Defensin-Molecules

DefenAge Featured in Happi article: "Clinical Study Shows Efficacy of DefenAge Body Cream Containing Defensin-Molecules"

Proprietary to DefenAge, defensin-molecules are capable of reactivating latent LGR6 stem cells in the basal layer of skin. When applied topically, these molecules can reduce visible signs of skin aging including the loss of hydration and elasticity) and visibly increase skin thickness, concludes the peer-review article entitled “Impact of Defensins-Containing Body Cream on Skin Composition” and published by the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology.

September 16, 2022
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You can combine DefenAge with Retin-A or with other skincare

DefenAge Milled newsletter: "Can I combine DefenAge with Retin-A or with other skincare?"

DefenAge can be combined with almost any other skincare products and ingredients, including Retin-A and retinols, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and growth factors.

September 16, 2022
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10 Luxe Hand & Body Cream can reduce visible signs of skin aging

DefenAge Featured in Practical Dermatology study: DefenAge Body Cream Improves Signs of Skin Aging

DefenAge Skincare’s 10 Luxe Hand & Body Cream with Age-Repair Defensins can reduce visible signs of skin aging (including the loss of hydration and elasticity) and visibly increase skin thickness, according to research...

September 15, 2022
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DefenAge defensin-molecules

DefenAge Milled newsletter: How fast can I see the initial results?

A few days are enough because our unique ingredient, the defensin-molecules, messages the same “fresh” skin’s master cells that our body uses to heal wounds. Our skin heals scratches within a few days, meaning that it is enough for the body to produce a visible effect that fast.

August 19, 2021
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