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You can combine DefenAge with Retin-A or with other skincare

DefenAge Milled newsletter: "Can I combine DefenAge with Retin-A or with other skincare?"

DefenAge can be combined with almost any other skincare products and ingredients, including Retin-A and retinols, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and growth factors.

September 16, 2022
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Dermatologists Swear By This Serum To Make Dark Spots ‘Disappear

DefenAge Featured in She Finds article: "Dermatologists Swear By This Serum To Make Dark Spots ‘Disappear’"

Hydroquinone is one of the better-known ingredients for treating dark spots, but it can also cause irritation and redness and compromise your skin barrier. Since the purpose of skincare is to “care” for your skin, even if this powerful ingredient does help lighten spots, it may come with risks that aren’t worth taking.

September 14, 2022
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7 Best DefenAge Skincare Products

DefenAge Featured in Santa Monica Daily Press article: "A Review of the 7 Best DefenAge Skincare Products"

The majority of products these days contain almost identical formulations. While there’s nothing wrong with using tried-and-true ingredients that have proven efficacy, it’s always exciting to learn about a company developing products with truly innovative ingredients. One brand doing exactly that is DefenAge. Touted as a breakthrough anti-aging ingredient, the Age-Repair Defensins found within DefenAge skincare products are said to naturally and effectively rejuvenate your skin. To determine if these claims are true, below I’m going to give you all the details on DefenAge skincare products, including the key ingredients and the research that supports (or doesn’t support) their use in skincare.

September 2, 2022
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