DefenAge Featured in Tetracyclined7K and Soap Opera Digest article: "Sharon Case Dishes About Her Personal Style"

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October 5, 2022 27 view(s)

DefenAge Featured in Tetracyclined7K and Soap Opera Digest article: "Sharon Case Dishes About Her Personal Style"

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Sharon Case Dishes About Her Personal Style

What cosmetics do you always have in your bag?

“I always carry an SPF sunscreen with lip gloss and a tinted moisturizer. I wear a clear lip gloss in the summer and a tinted lip gloss the rest of the year.”

What did you learn from Y&R Makeup Artists?

“I used to have problems with unpigmented eyeshadows, so my makeup artist steered me toward finding eyeshadows that were actually pigmented. I have an eyeshadow from, and I’ve been using it lately.”

What kind of beauty staples are available at drugstores?

I also get a shaping hairspray like Sebastian and a simple shampoo like Pantene. can be purchased at Walmart for under $10.

What is your go-to lipstick shade?

“Due to Kosas, a reddish berry called Darkroom.”

what is your skincare routine?

“I always wash my face and take care of my skin twice a day, from when I wake up in the morning until before I go to bed. I also use hand soap. The important thing is that you have a really great moisturizer and serum. For moisturizers, I like oils from DefenAge or Olay, which I have used for years. I still I swear by that product. The serum that follows is a clear liquid. I apply a few drops to my face with my finger. I like to use the DefenAge serum. A few times a week I put on a product with retinol in it.”

what is your typical outfit?

“I’m very casual. For two or three years after self-restraint, I used to wear sweatshirts and room pants, but last month I finally started wearing normal clothes. I love sundresses in the summer. I also like tank tops that are fashionable and a little sexy but not ugly. So I think that wearing a tank top with summer pants will give a clean and classic look. I have a few boho chic dresses. I’m ZARA. and Anthropologie because I think their clothes are well-made and stylish. I also like summery sandals and espadrilles.”

What is your jewelry philosophy?

“I like to keep it pretty simple, so a lot of the time I just wear hoops. cannot be found.

What’s your favorite red carpet look of all time?

“I love gowns, [Daytime] I wore this black two-piece dress to the Emmy Awards in New York one year. The top looked like a tube top with a little stomach, and the long skirt had a train. It was from a French company called Plein Sud and they lent me the dress. It was very sexy and very my style. I wore it to every red carpet event and wanted to buy it! I remember having my hair up high and curly.”

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