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150K Hair Follicle Serum Study

150K Hair Follicle Serum Study

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Can this serum be used on the eyebrows?
Yes, the 150K Hair Follicle Serum is safe to use on the eyebrows. Although our initial pilot study did not study the product's performance on eyebrows, many of our customers have reported excellent results for the improvement of overplucked or diminishing eyebrows.
Can this serum be used with other hair loss products including supplements, Minoxidil/Rogaine, topical steroids, etc?
Yes, this serum can be used in combination with almost all other products and will only enhance your results. If using a topical product, we recommend to apply the other product first, then layer the 150K Hair Follicle Serum over those targeted areas.
Is this serum safe to use on color-treated hair?
The 150k Hair Follicle Serum is water-based and does not strip color-treated hair. Over time of use, you may notice that your roots may be less grey. The antioxidant complex in this serum relieves oxidative stress and could therefore restore your original hair color.
Can this serum be used to treat common scalp conditions like dandruff?
Yes, this serum contains defensins which will create new skin resulting in improved overall health scalp health and provide an environment for your hair follicles to work their best. Customers with stubborn scalp issues have experienced much improvement when using the 150K Hair Follicle Serum.
What causes hair loss?
Hair loss is a common and complicated condition that can be attributed to various reasons. Most hair loss experts say that it usually comes down to genetics. It is best to consult with a medical professional to determine the root cause of hair loss and treatments to prevent and address hair loss. DefenAge's 150K Hair Follicle Serum provides an easy-to-use and effective option to help your hair follicles work their best. We've taken the proven science of defensins and applied it to scalp health. Not only are our customers experiencing improvement in visible hair density, but are also noticing less hair shedding, thicker strands of hair, and even repigmentation of hair back to it's original youthful color.